Monday, 28 February 2011

6 weeks of Consultation starts now!

July 2012 is the date they have set for primary school closures. If we our children and our childrens children to be able to experience Onny for themselves we need to get behind our school and push those petitions. If you have any ideas for protests, lobbying, petition signings please get in touch. Or through our facebook page linked below.

This information is from the Shropshire Star website. It gives us great guidence for organised events, lobbying, petitions and so on.

We need support from every corner of our community. It would be nice to think of ways that we can raise Onnys profile.

•February 15: Cabinet will be asked to approve further consultation on each of the proposals.

•February 28: Consultation begins and will last for six term-time weeks.

•May 4: A report on the consultation on each proposal will be made to cabinet. At this stage the cabinet can decide not to proceed with the process or significantly amend the proposals, which would require a further consultation period.

•May 11: Scrutiny committee could examine the process and decision-making so far.

•May 16: The council publishes formal proposals to change the organisation of schools in an area.

•May 16 to June 24: The council receives representations on the proposals. It should be noted that the council can make only very limited changes to the proposals at this stage.

•July 20: A report on each proposal will be made to cabinet with a recommendation on whether the proposal should be agreed.

Primary schools would close at the end of the academic year in July 2012. If closure of the Wakeman School is agreed this would take place at the end of the academic year in July 2013.

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