Tuesday, 8 February 2011

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8th February 2011

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I am writing to you to express my concern over the proposed closure of Onny C of E Primary School.

On roll today we have total of 53 pupils, not 49 as stated in the report. 36 pupils come from outside catchment area, which you deem as negative, however we see this as parents exercising their rights to choose a rural village school as opposed to their nearest most convenient town school. The previous threat of closure damaged our enrolment numbers nevertheless we have seen growth in the numbers of children attending, with the Nursery reaching capacity, and the school filling from the bottom up.

Our governors and staff are working hard to make our school sustainable. They are actively campaigning to lay the foundations towards a possible federation and the sharing of resources. They have researched eco friendly options for electricity and heating such as solar panels, wind turbines and underground thermal heating. We were told we had until 2020 to formalise these plans, how can we improve our efficiency if we are not given the time to succeed.

According to the report on the school organisation in Shropshire, the saving by closing Onny C of E Primary would be approximately £36,700 per year. This is a miniscule saving for the disruption and stress it will cause our children. This is approximately the cost of a teacher, and as stressed in your letter to parents, if the case is that the children moving schools involves employing another teacher you would do so, all this upheaval, and disruption of education would be for nothing! How much will our children have to suffer for a 3.67% portion of the saving!

I have chosen to take my children to Onny C of E School because of its outstanding facilities. Onny School offers my child a caring atmosphere and a compassionate place for learning, seeing each child as an individual and adjusting education accordingly. It is my sincere hope that you will consider these points when casting your vote on Tuesday. Every child matters? As long as they are within budget!

Yours sincerely