Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cabinet Papers 15th Feb 2011

To see the report put front of cabinet members on 15th feb, click here. I think its important to remind ourselves the reasons they put forward for closure. The relevent information for Onny is on page 75. Athough it is useful to read through the other information to put it into context.

Interesting point to note:

Views of interested parties (Paragraph 4.63)
4.63 The Decision Maker should consider the views of all those affected by the proposals or
who have an interest in them including: pupils; families of pupils; staff; other schools and
colleges; local residents; diocesan bodies and other providers; LAs; the LSC (where proposals
affect 14-19 provision) and the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership if one
exists, or any local partnership or group that exists in place of an EYDCP (where proposals
affect early years and/or childcare provision). This includes statutory objections and comments
submitted during the representation period. The Decision Maker should not simply take
account of the numbers of people expressing a particular view when considering
representations made on proposals. Instead the Decision Maker should give the
greatest weight to representations from those stakeholders likely to be most directly affected
by the proposals.

So please everyone...get writing!